Underwater Photographs of Celtman Ironman Triathlon Swim in Torridon

Underwater photographs from the Celtman Ironman triathlon swim section.

Priveliged to watch one of the hardest sporting events I have ever witnessed. To watch the athletes on the beginning leg of their iron man length triathlon in the Scottish Highlands in Torridon.

The swim took place in Loch Torridon where they swam in open water in temperatures around 11c.

We were greeted by a grey seal as the swam started and with great visibility it was a pleasure to watch the swimmers start and finish this segment.

After the start, we got back in the car, as the start and finish are in different locations, in our wetsuits and drove around the loch as the swimmers took off and continued their swim. We got back in and were greeted after just 30minutes by the first swimmers. We had a chance to position ourselve's, check the depth which was approximately 2-3metres and see what sealife was about under the surface.


Capture date
salt water
sea loch
Dive type
One breath
Camera equipment
Olympus E-PM1
Project type

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