Llyn Peninsula at Night Time

Living on the Llyn is as mysterious as it is beautiful, especially at night time! I've started taking more photos in the dark since coming back from travelling, missing last years winter whilst away and the nights drawing in rather early now compared to just a few months ago means there are plenty of opportunities (if we're not in the cloud!)

  • Featured image photo is of Yr Eifl looking north, the glow is from caernarfon 20 miles behind.
  • First photo in the list below this is of a country road at night, up in the clouds (300m) above sea level. It's quite nice walking in the clouds at night without a head torch.
  • Below that is a star trail and Yr Eifl below it.
  • Fourth is a (selfie) of me Rach and Otter as we watched the entire of the Llyn peninsula on Bonfire Night 2016.
  • Then another eery country road, looking back towards a street light which sits in the middle of the lane, again at night, long shutter speed and with the clouds surrounding me.
  • Finally is a light painting by Otter our dog. His training is coming along well and he accompanies me on the occassional night walk. In this, a treat was placed in front of him over the other side of the rock face, he was to leave it until I came back to the camera and pressed the shutter. It was a 20 second exposure, I would say 'OK', he would eat it and then I would call him to the side of the camera. He has a bright blue LED collar and this is what creates the light painting.
  • Light pollution on the horizon from Dubline, Ireland with zoomed in stars above.

I'll update this post throughout this winter and maybe in to next year as I take photographs around and on the Llyn Peninsula in Wales at night time.

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Pentax K-50
Pentax 18-55 DAL 3.5
Llyn Peninsula
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